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Feature :

Real-time Rates and Availability Information Accessible on 24/7 basis - for travel Agent, Corporate Clients

This feature Included in :
  • Central Reservation System
  • B2B Reservation System
Reservation Page
Sample of Hotel Website

Hotels encourage bookings by displaying real time room rates and availability information.

Rates and availability requests are now processed through the system and is available on the screen after a few seconds ~ without long waits to confirm a reservation. Website login and password will be granted by hotels for travel agents /corporate clients to access rates and availability. As a result, there are no hassles whenever rates and allotments are changed!

Benefits to hotel:

  • immediately close the deal.
  • reducing the risk of losing the customer.
  • less administrative work in responding to reservation requests (including modifications and cancellations).
  • direct contact with travel agents / corporate clients worldwide.
  • minimizing distribution costs.

Benefits to travel agents / corporate clients:

  • no more waiting in a state of uncertainty for the confirmation.
  • rooms can be secured at the most convenient time and in the easiest manner.
  • provides better service to its (travel agent) customers.
  • provides reliable updates of rates and availability.