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Feature :

Real-time Rates and Availability Information available on 24/7 basis - for Travel Agent, Corporate Clients and Internet User Guest

This feature Included in :

• Central Reservation System

Reservation Page
Sample of Hotel Website

Hotels encourages bookings by having the latest rates and availability information available on the hotel website for all markets (travel agents, corporate clients and Internet User end customers).

Rates and availability requests are processed through the system and available on the screen after a few seconds instead of having to wait for days to confirm reservations.

A combination of login and password will be granted by the hotel for travel agents /corporate clients to access rates and availability. Thus, hotels do not have any hassle whenever rates and allotments are changed!

Benefits to hotel:

  • encourage booking and immediately close the deal
  • reduce the risk of losing customers.
  • enjoy reduced administrative work in responding to reservation requests (including modifications and cancellations).
  • maintain direct contact with travel agents / corporate clients / Internet User end-customers worldwide.
  • minimize distribution costs.

Benefits to all the markets:

  • no more waiting in uncertainty for a confirmation.
  • rooms can be secured at the most convenient time and in the easiest manner.
  • provides better service to (travel agent) customers.
  • accesses reliable updates of rates and availability.