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Feature :

FLEXI-PACKAGE ~ Strategic Selling Package Application

This feature Optional in :
  • Booking Engine
  • Central Reservation System
  • B2B Reservation System

The unique “FLEXI-PACKAGE” feature allows hotels to create flexible packages to excel in yield management.

Room rates are engineered in a sophisticated manner, since it is the item of major value, allowing some hotels to vary rates monthly or daily in order to achieve better yields.

Room rates shift, depending on the market segment and occupancy – and room types will no longer be a barrier in creating packages. For example, in creating weekend packages with our FLEXI-PACKAGE feature, a hotel does not have to re-calculate the package price whenever room rates are changed in any rate tiers.

Flexible adjustments on room rate changes are one of the components of this practical package. Other convenient functions such as specifying “closed to arrival”, “closed to departure”, “Minimum / Maximum length of stay”, “booking lead times”, and factoring in “add-on” items for up-selling will enhance hotel yield management and generate maximum profits.

  • “Closed to Arrival”: hotels can specify check-in date/s, and thus refuse any reservations on those specified date/s.
  • “Closed to Departure”: hotels can specify check-out date/s and prevent any reservations on those specified date/s.
  • “Minimum Length of Stay”: hotel can set a policy of minimum stay for any given period (referring to check-in date).