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Feature :

Maximize Room Allotment Utilization by Sharing of Room Allotments among Rate Tiers (rate plans) Dynamically

Hotel Reservation System
This feature Included in :
  • Central Reservation System

• B2B Reservation System

Hotel Reservation System Hotel Reservation System

Room allotments are assigned per market segment (rate tier). First, a hotel categorizes travel agents / corporate clients to a specified rate tier; then, allotted rooms assigned to that particular rate tier will be shared among those who are categorized within it.

Pelican System enables a hotel to maximize allotment utilization by avoiding paper contracts that force hotels to commit themselves to a certain allotment without guaranteed bookings.

Since the reservation is served on "first-come-first-served-basis", no reservation can occur whenever the maximum allotment is used up. The next question is what if there are travel agents / corporate clients who would like to make bookings? The "Insufficient Inventory Report" will note that down and a hotel can take immediate action to accommodate the booking request whenever there are still rooms available. (click here to learn more about the "Insufficient Inventory Report")

Benefits to hotel:

  • no commitment on allotment given to any particular travel agent / corporate client.
  • reduce opportunity costs (opportunities to sell rooms).
  • maximize room allotment utility.
  • maximize occupancy rates.
  • ability to monitor travel agent / corporate client productivity.

Benefit to travel agents /corporate clients:

  • equal opportunity to make bookings according to production.